Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dog Sweater Sewing Experiment

My little Lolah's doggy t-shirt was old, stretched out, and pretty much pathetic. So I decided I would experiment & try to make her a new one =)

I made this from two long shirt sleeves (cut from a shirt I am making for myself). I tried to use a pattern I found online, but that was a mess! Either the pattern was way off, or I added wrong (wouldn't surprise me - I am horrible at math).

So, I made my own version, did a little tweaking, and... tah-dah! A little flannel shirt to keep my booger-bear warm!

Please excuse the teary-eyed-poodle-ish-nastiness... she had just finished drinking water, and she never seems to be able to do that without bathing herself in the process...

Now maybe she'll stop shivering! You'd think that with all that hair, she'd be warm!

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