Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rag Quilt Tutorial

My latest project was a rag quilt for my niece. Here is a little how-to for this simple project.

This small quilt (34"x34") used the following supplies:
-2 yards of fabric
-1 yard of batting
-coordinating or contrasting thread

I chose to use only two colors, but you can use as many colors as you like.
Flannel probably works best for this, but I used cotton, and it worked just fine for me.Cut all of your fabric into 8" squares. Cut the batting into 6" squares.

Now make a quilt sandwich. Place one piece of fabric face down, then a square of batting, then another square of fabric face up.

Pin together your sandwich.

Using a ruler or your quilt square, mark diagonal lines across your square, making an 'X'.If you can eyeball a straight line while you sew, this isn't really necessary.

Sew the "X" across your squares.

Now you have a nice little quilted square.

After sewing all of the pink squares, I had a nice little stack of quilted sammies. =)

Now do the same with your other fabric.

Lolah wanted to help me out... she's always interested in whatever I'm doing.

Two stacks of sammies =)

Find a large enough area and spread out your squares in a pattern that you like.

Row by row, I made stacks of my squares in the order they would be sewn in.

Pin your squares together in order, working two at a time.

Sew them together with your seams facing TO THE FRONT. Use a 1/2" seam allowance.

When all of your rows are sewn together, you can start sewing them to each other.
Remember, you want your seams facing the front, not the back.

Working two at a time, pin together your long strips.

When you get to the merging seams, fold one forward, and one back, and pin.
This will make it thinner and make the going easier as you sew.

Nearly finished!

Now sew a 1/2" seam around your entire quilt.

Clip 1/4" slits along ALL of your seams. This is the most time consuming part. It is much easier if you have spring-laoded shears.This will save your hands! When I was done using regular scissors, my thumb was swollen and bruised!!

Run the quilt through the rinse cycle with a little fabric softener, then throw it in the dryer.
You now have a rag quilt!



I love this quilt! This was my first attempt at a rag quilt, or any quilt for that matter! It turned out great & it is the perfect size for my 2-yr-old niece. =) This is an easy project for a beginner... it doesn't have to be perfect!!

Lolah sure seems to love it!


  1. that came out great! no need for binding or anything? I'll have to try it!

  2. wow!great job.i want to try it(^__^)

  3. Great tutorial, i like it very much, i will have it. thanks a lots

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